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Lending Program

Pac fin LLc is a wholesale lender to mortgage companies, who use that money to make loans to property owners


Our Mission

Our client’s investment security is our consistent aim. As an investment consulting firm, the trust between our firm and our clients is produced by repeated cooperation. We know that the safety of customers’ fund is what everyone cares about the most, therefore the consulting services and legal services are being provided by our firm are handled by senior personnel from the industry. From professional financial consultants to business lawyers from Harvard Law School (more than 30 years of well-known lawyers in the industry), we will review every investment project that has been introduced by our firm from all aspects, and will only introduce the project after careful review and testing. For investment clients. Making every investment of yours into a successful case is a top priority for our firm! In the end, the three partners and all employees of Pac Fin want to express our thankful heart to every investment clients for your support and trust, we shall not fail our client, and we will never forget our purpose!

Our Mission
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Pac Fin Loan System


Pac Fin‘s Loan

In return for pac fin ‘s loan system to the mortgage company, any loan that the mortgage company makes to a borrower with money from the pac fin warehouse line assigned to  pac fin to secure its loan.


The Borrowers 

The borrowers loan from the mortgage company is handled through an escrow and carries title insurance that insures the lenders lien position when the borrowers repay the mortgage, it is repay to pac fin company via escrow company.


Loan Repayment 

From the loan repayment proceeds, Pac fin repays the investor’s principle plus interest. Interest fluctuates with the market but it is always very generouse. With each investor , pac fin signs a contract  evidencing the investment and setting  the repayment obligation.

Loan System

Safety First

Our mothers said it, our teachers said it; and we, following in those dear footsteps, do it. Our watchword for investments is safety first. Our investments are guided by senior legal and business consultants, whose decades of experience have weathered bear and bull markets. We apply that experience to guide your money into high yield, yet safe opportunities. We respect that the funds you entrust to us was hard-earned, and we work as hard to grow it. We thank you for your confidence and we promise to strive everyday to earn that confidence.

Safety First

Contact Us

Contact Us

Address 1: 3130 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 508 Los Angeles CA 90010

Address 2: 1427 San Marino Ave # 2, San Marino, CA 91108

Phone: 626-425-0781

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